NOLRA February General Meeting

On Monday, February 7, 2011, the New Orleans Legal Recruiting Association (NOLRA) hosted our quarterly general meeting. The meeting’s topic was Law Student and Associate Practical Legal Skills: Employer Expectation and Law School Preparation. Our panel was comprised of Tulane University Law School Professor Paul Barron, Mike Drew, a litigation partner at Jones Walker LLP and Jarred Trauth, a transactional partner at Jones Walker LLP.

Guest speakers Professor Paul Barron, Mike Drew and Jarred Trauth.

The panel discussed and compared the practical legal skills curriculum currently offered at local and national law schools and the expectations of firms regarding the practical skill set of incoming first year associates.  The speakers identified areas for improvement and offered suggestions on what firms and law schools can do to bridge the gap.  The panelists welcomed an open forum and encouraged input from NOLRA members.   

 NOLRA would like to thank Professor Barron, Mr. Drew and Mr. Trauth, for dedicating their time and knowledge to our panel and to Phelps Dunbar LLP for hosting our meeting.  We hope that this discussion educated our members of the need for improvements and that they spread the knowledge gained from the quarterly general meeting with their individual institutions.

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