NOLRA General Meeting!

November 2011

You’re Invited to NOLRA’S Quarterly Member Luncheon!
Please join the New Orleans Legal Recruiting Association for our November luncheon and general meeting on:

Friday, November 4, 2011
12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m.

Irwin Fritchie Urquhart & Moore LLC
400 Poydras Street, Suite 2700
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

Please RSVP to Amy Schwarzenbach by Friday, October 28th

Attendance is FREE to Members and just $25 for Non-Members. Checks only please, payable to NOLRA.

The topic of the November luncheon is Fall On-Campus Interviewing Review. We will discuss law student recruiting and offer solutions to problems we’ve faced, as well as share practices that have proven effective. We look forward to seeing you there!

NOLRA Board Members

Amy Schwarzenbach
Loyola University College of Law
(504) 861-5554

Heather G. Lamber
Loyola University College of Law
(504) 865-5649

Program Director
Julie Prechter
Jones Walker
(504) 582-8406

Membership Outreach
(New Orleans)

Katie O’Leary
Tulane University Law School
(504) 865-5942

Membership Outreach
(Baton Rouge)

Michelle Jackson
Southern University Law Center
(225) 771-2142

Vendor Outreach
Ann Theriot
Irwin Fritchie Urquhart & Moore LLC
(504) 310-2100

Victoria Thomas
Tulane University Law School
(504) 865-5942

President’s Message
Nationally, economic news continues to be erratic; however, in southeast Louisiana the economy shows signs of improvement. Consider the NALP research report comparing law firm jobs in twenty U.S. cities. Of twenty cities profiled including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, only three saw growth in entry-level attorney positions at law firms between 2009 and 2010 – one of which was New Orleans. The growth in New Orleans private firm entry level attorney positions was 2.3%. Many profiled cities experienced a double-digit decline. The cities with the greatest decline were Boston (-26.1%), Dallas (-26.3%), and Denver (-26.4%).Compared to the dramatic decline of entry-level opportunities in other cities, New Orleans appears to be in a terrific position to capitalize on a rebounding economy. Our local economy has not suffered as much as others; therefore, it should be easier for it to recover and grow. Through NOLRA we can position our organizations to be at the forefront of the local legal industry during the recovery. Because of our professional roles we each have a hand to play in the New Orleans economy and job market specifically.

NOLRA strengthens the legal community in southeast Louisiana because participants, both legal recruiting and career services professionals, leave meetings having gained shared insights, new ideas, and fresh perspectives. A common theme articulated by the organization’s participants is, “being active in NOLRA makes me better at what I do.” As local legal employers strengthen their recruiting programs and law schools better prepare law student and alumni candidates we raise the bar for the profession as a whole.

This year there are two additional opportunities to participate in NOLRA events. On Friday, November 3rd we will convene at noon for a roundtable review of issues surrounding the fall recruiting season. In December, we will mingle at the annual holiday reception to celebrate another year of advancements made by NOLRA as well as accomplishments each of us has achieved within our respective organizations. I look forward to seeing you at both.

Amy Schwarzenbach
2011 President 

Save the Date
Please mark your calendar for this year’s Holiday Party.  

2011 December Holiday Party- TBA

“In my position, it is essential that I establish and maintain excellent working relationships with our local employers. Being a part of NOLRA helps me to do that and so much more! The wealth of information and perspectives that I gather in our meetings allows me to better serve my students.”
Michelle A. Jackson, Southern University Law Center

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If you are not the only contact for legal recruiting, lawyer professional development, diversity and inclusion or career services in your organization, please forward this message on to anyone you think may be interested! Thank you!
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